PMC Carrier Card

This single-slot busless non-intelligent carrier allows use of a PMC module in an independent stand-alone mode. The carrier card delivers power to the PMC module and regulates the PCI bus start-up sequence to prevent a system lock-up by the connection to the local bus.

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PMC Carrier Card

The Acromag APMC4110 is a bus-less PMC Carrier Card.  It simply acts as an adaptor.  To route signals to and from the  Module.  The operator has easy full access to the Carrier Card by two 50-Pin Ribbon Cable Connectors.

PMC Carrier Card Busless

Features of the APMC4110 include:

  • It is single slot.
  • Stand-alone design does not require expensive card cage or other computer chassis
  • Ideal for custom computing solutions based on configurable FPGA modules
  • On-board DC-DC converter provides +3.3V DC to the module from a +5V power source
  • Users can optionally provide a ±12V DC source
  • Manual reset button initiates a PCI reset at user’s discretion
  • Voltage monitor designed to prevent code execution errors during power-up, power-down, or potential brown-out conditions when +5V DC supply dips too low
  • A standard 14-pin Xilinx JTAG connection is available for utilising the TDI, TDO, TCK, and TMS signals
  • Front or rear connection I/O access & Competitive Pricing


Performance Specifications


Pin assignment conforms to PCI Bus Specification, Revision 3.0.

Physical Configuration

Height: 83.820 mm
Depth: 89.408 mm.
Board Thickness: 1.600 mm.
Unit Weight: 0.053 kg.
Connectors: P1, P2 (Field I/O): 50-pin, ribbon cable, male receptacle headers.
P3: 4-pin power header.
P4: 14-pin Xilinx JTAG port.
J1 – J4: 64-pin PMC module connectors.


Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C.
Storage temperature: -55 to 120°C.
Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing.
+5V (±5%): 66mA, typical.
+12V (±10%): 0mA, used by module only.
-12V (±10%): 0mA, used by module only.”
Note that 3.3V is generated from the 5V supply. Power requirements do not include the PMC module. ±12.0V DC is optional based on user’s needs.


Non-Isolated. PCI interface and field commons have a direct electrical connection.

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Acromag’s Carrier Boards provide a mounting option for one or more I/O modules.  Available in numerous form factors such as: VME, VPX, PCI, PCIe, cPCI and cPCI Serial.


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