Signal Conditioners & Network IO

Industry professionals choose Metromatics for the supply of their Condition Monitoring, Feedback and Control Solutions.  Through our superior supplier, Metromatics supply high performance Process Automation products which provide accurate condition monitoring that identifies significant changes in machinery or possible faults and enables predictive maintenance to be undertaken. This feedback provides the ultimate control to customers and can be undertaken via remote monitoring.

These products include: Limit Alarms, Dual Channel Signal Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Network Repeaters, Profibus DP I/O Modules, Modbus RTU I/O Modules, Ethernet Remote I/O Modules, USB Isolators, 4-20mA Signal Splitters, 4-20mA Signal Isolators, Signal Conditioning, Relay I/O Modules, Signal Conditioners with Maths Functions and Process Instrumentation Accessories and Digital Panel Meters.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support.