Embedded Computers

Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics is able to offer a range of premium Embedded Computers Systems to our customers.  Defence and Industrial applications today demand smaller, faster, more reliable embedded computing solutions to operate and control products such as unmanned autonomous vehicle systems.

Metromatics supply embedded computers that provide exceptional processing and networking performance in extreme environments.  Metromatics provides local customer and technical support.


Our portfolio of Embedded Computers Suppliers consists of:

Metromatics has a great variety of suppliers who specialise in the manufacture of  powerful and reliable embedded computers.

Acromag: Firstly, the model ARCX Rugged Computer is COTS SWaP optimised deployable solution. Secondly, it is a small form factor mission computer.  Designed for extreme rugged and MIL- Aero applications.

Adlink:  Rugged VITA 75 COTS Computer are fully sealed with a tiny footprint.   Above all it is based on Intel i7 or Xeon Processors.  Also with an optional powerful GPGPU Parallel Processing Engine, making it ideal for ground, air & sea deployments.

Argon Corp: ACB100 + ACB200 are standalone Rugged Computers.   For instance, their compact build and low weight also provides low power consumption.  Firstly, Argon’s Rugged Embedded Computers are designed to operate as a server, command and control system or in a variety of Defence applications.

Crystal Group:  for example have a huge range of feature rich robust Embedded Computers Systems.  Also their product line follows the Intel® Road map to ensure the latest chipsets and processors.  Likewise, powerful, compact rugged and housed an all-aluminium chassis.  Proven and field tested to with stand shock, vibration, extended temperature ranges and extreme environments.  Also specialise in Custom Design to meet your requirements.

In conclusion, many of our suppliers product portfolios not only consists of standard commercial air cooled embedded systems but also different ruggedisation levels. Also many are willing to customise their products to meet your exact requirements.

Solve your high end computing applications with one of our Embedded Solutions, today.

Finally, for more information,  contact us.


Embedded ComputerRugged ComputersRugged Computer ACB100
COTS Rugged Computer – Acromag

Rugged Computers – ACB200 with Intel i7 Processor – Argon Corp

Rugged Computers – ACB100 – Brick Computer Platform – Argon Corp

autonomous driving computerRugged Embedded Computers

Autonomous Driving Computer – Crystal Group

Rugged Embedded Computers – Crystal Group

VITA 75 Embedded Computer
Rugged Computers VITA 75 – Adlink


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