Gigabit Ethernet XMC Modules

These XMC modules are designed as high-performance Ethernet interface solutions.  They offer 1 gigabit or 10 gigabit capabilities.

Making them ideal for real-time and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) data streaming applications. They deliver a robust and embedded computing platform that facilitates high-speed data communication across Defence, Aerospace, and industrial systems, ensuring reliable connectivity via Gigabit Ethernet.

The modules also incorporate a fully hardware-implemented TCP offload engine (TOE processor), which significantly reduces the CPU’s load by handling the TCP/IP processing. This offloading allows the CPU to focus on other critical tasks, enhancing overall system efficiency and performance.


Gigabit Ethernet XMC Modules

XMC 610 Series: High-Speed Ethernet Solutions

Firstly, the XMC 610 Series offers robust, Gigabit Ethernet XMC NIC cards.  Equipped with the Intel I350 controller. These cards are designed to enhance network performance with high-speed Ethernet capabilities suitable for demanding applications in Defence, Aerospace, and industrial environments.



XMC611: RJ45 Connectors

  • Features four RJ45 connectors, providing reliable quad-port Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Ideal for applications requiring standard twisted-pair cabling.







XMC612: SFP Optical Connectors

  • Firstly, the XMC612 is equipped with SFP optical connectors.  This quad-port Gigabit Ethernet NIC card is perfect for high-speed fibre optic networks.  Therefore, ensuring high performance and extended reach.

XMC612 Gigabit Ethernet Modules







XMC613: Rear I/O Connectors

  • Offers rear I/O connectors and conduction cooling.  Perfect for enhanced durability and performance in rugged environments. In addition, this quad-port Gigabit Ethernet card is suited for integrated systems that require reliable rear connectivity.







XMC 630 Series: XMC Ethernet Network Interface Cards

Firstly, Acromag’s XMC630 Series is a XMC Ethernet Network Interface Card which offers up to four independent 10-gigabit Ethernet interface ports.

XMC631 10-GbE Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

Ethernet Network Interface Card

• Quad SFP+ ports
• Intel® XL710 controller
• Interface PCIe Gen 3 x8
• Extended temperature

This model includes four front-panel SFP+ connectors, supporting both fibre optic and copper media. In addition, it features a PCIe Gen 3 x8 interface and is available in extended temperature models.  Therefore, making it versatile for various applications.


XMC632  10-GbE Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

Ethernet NIC Card

• Dual XAUI ports
• Intel®  XL710 controller
• PCIe Gen 3 x8 interface
•  Conduction-cooled

Firstly, the XMC632 features dual XAUI ports and a rugged design tailored for conduction-cooled systems. Compatible with rear I/O setups.  Therefore, this model is ideal for extreme temperature environments and ensures reliable high-speed connectivity.



Customisation and Integration

In addition, all models in the XMC 610 and XMC 630 series are designed to mount seamlessly on VPX, and PCIe carrier boards.  Therefore, providing flexible integration options for various computing environments. Whether you need high throughput for real-time operations or robust connectivity for harsh conditions, these Gigabit Ethernet XMC modules offer the solutions you need.

Finally, for more information on the Gigabit Ethernet XMC Modules, contact us.



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