High Speed Data Acquisition

The SIRIUS XHS is a high speed data acquisition system with an amazing 15MS/sec sampling rate at 5MHz bandwidth.  It contains the Hybrid ADC Technology which enables the Sirius XHS users to select three modes of operation for each analog input channel – High Bandwidth Mode, Alias Free Mode or Ring Free Filtering.

Modern data interfaces such as USB 3.0, GLAN, XCP, CAN and OPC UA with PTP synchronisation allow for open and flexible connectivity.

It is the perfect instrument for Transient Recording, Power Analysis, Sound, Vibration and General data recording applications.

High speed data acquisition for the future is delivered with the Dewesoft SIRIUS XHS.  Firstly, whilst it looks similar to the standard SIRIUS.  Extra technology has been added.  Therefore, allowing it to process data at faster sampling speeds with better galvanic channel isolation.  New features include

  • Newly developed ADC converter technology which is able to operate at 15 MS/sec. Called the Hybrid ADC technology.
  • In addition, Amplifiers that follow the capability of the new Hybrid ADC converter.
  • A powerful FPGA with an ARM processor running on the Linux operating system.
  • A new mainboard with even better galvanic isolation technology for channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation.
  • Also, new data transfer interfaces (USB3.0 and GLAN) to support huge data sampling speeds.


Watch the video below to learn more!

Features of Sirius XHS High Speed Data Acquisition System include:


HYBRID ADC TECHNOLOGY: Firstly, offers everything you ever wanted out of a high-end data acquisition system. In addition, software selectable per channel.

15 MS/s SAMPLING RATE AT 5 MHz BANDWIDTH: Secondly, up to 15 MS/sec sampling rate with 5 MHz bandwidth captures even the shortest transients. Therefore, the sampling rate is software selectable per each analog input channel.

HIGH DYNAMIC ALIAS-FREE DAQ: Alias-free filtering allows perfect acquisition of signals with up to 160 dB dynamic range. That is a similar performance that our best DualCoreADC SIRIUS DAQ system. It’s better than a 24-bit resolution.

PERFECT SYNCHRONISATION: Users can select some channels to be high bandwidth and some to be alias-free, filtering is made in the way that all signals are perfectly time aligned with zero phase shift.

MODERN DATA INTERFACES: GLAN interface allows the distribution of devices with the PTPv2 synchronization. Also the USB3 interface is there for the fastest data transfer with a fast connection to the PC computer.

OPEN PROTOCOL SUPPORT: Data is transferred to any host using the open OPC UA industry-standard protocol. In parallel, the data is available over XCP protocol.  Allowing connection to ECU calibration software packages like ETAS INCA or Vector Canape.

HIGH GALVANIC ISOLATION: High channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation prevents damage to the systems from excessive voltage and avoids ground loops.

SMALLEST FORM FACTOR: With the standard SIRIUS sized chassis you can easily carry the SIRIUS XHS in your backpack along with your laptop for field measurements.

SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: The easy-to-use but rich in functionality, award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software is included. All upgrades to the software are free forever with no hidden licensing or maintenance costs.

Therefore, if you would like further explanation on other features of the Sirius XHS such as:


Hybrid ADC Technology, High End Signal Conditioning Amplifiers, PTP Synchronization method, Power Analysis and E-Mobility Applications, click the “more information” button below and you will be taken to the Dewesoft Overview Page.

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