Universal Input Temperature Transmitter

The Acromag 801T is a Universal Input Temperature Transmitter.  It has the ability to be configured to take in a range of inputs such as Thermocouple, MilliVolt and Resistance and provide outputs such as DC Volt, 4-20mA and relay output all in one device.

It also performs linearization, square root extraction and optional limit alarm functions.

The Acromag Universal Input Temperature Transmitter, model 801T isolates and converts sensor inputs to noise free, DC current or voltage output signals.  The optional relay output provides a local limit alarm function.

With a selection of input and output ranges, plus several signal conditioning options –makes it an useful and flexible temperature measurement tool for a range of applications.

Features of the Universal Input Temperature Transmitter include:

  • High Resolution Sigma-Delta A/D Converter delivers high accuracy with low noise
  • Advanced Microcontroller provides intelligent signal processing power for maths functions
  • Windows 7 or newer software speeds up setup and replacement
  • Multi-purpose inputs and outputs reduces the requirements for spare stock
  • Relay output option provides local limit alarm capability
  • 0 to 20mA DC, 0 to 10V DC Output
  • Mechanical relay (25V @ 5A) alarm
  • 10-36V DC Power
  • Performs linearization, square root extraction and optional limit alarm functions


Setup is easy. IntelliPack modules are quickly configured with the user-friendly Windows software program. Field adjustments are simple with the module’s front-panel push-buttons and status LEDs. Once configured, IntelliPacks operate independent off any host computer.

Model 801T-0500 is a Universal Temperature Transmitter

Model 801T-1500 is a Transmitter with limit alarm

Check out the specification sheet on the 801T available here.  It lists the full functionality of the inputs and outputs available on the 801T.

Metromatics sell and support this product in Australia.  For more information or pricing, contact us.

To learn more about a Solar Panel Plant using these temperature transmitters to feed into their proprietary SCADA System, click here.


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