RE1218M Rugged Embedded Computer System

Rugged & dependable. Crystal Group uses their expertise in rugged COTS design and development, and they’ve created the next generation in rugged computing. Ultimately, this will provide enhanced computer power in the harshest of environments. The RE1218M Rugged Embedded Computer is both rugged and dependable.

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RE1218M Rugged Embedded Computer System

Crystal Group’s Model RE1218M is a Rugged Embedded Computer System. It consists of a light weight aluminium construction of 6.8 kg. It can be either tray or wall mounted with up to 8 removable 2.5″ SSD Drives.

Features include:

Thermostatically controlled fans for quiet operation
MIL-C-26482 military circular connectors
One to eight 2.5” SSD removable drives
Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
Modular power supply for multiple input options
One PCIe x16 expansion slot
Ultra rugged compact for extreme ambient conditions

Crystal Group’s Embedded Computer Systems are powerful, compact and rugged. They are easily configurable and feature an advanced thermal management system. With a light carbon fibre chassis which withstands extreme shock, vibration, extended temperature ranges, and harsh environments. Crystal Group embedded computer systems follow the Intel® Roadmap to ensure access to the latest, powerful Intel chipsets and processors.

Crystal Group designs in vital end-to-end security features. From the start to meticulously integrate leading-edge rugged hardware Roots of Trust with encryption software from certified partners. With a foundation of essential features, including Trusted Performance Modules (TPM 2.0), FIPS 140-2 SAS solid state drives, intrusion detection, tamper evidence and instant data destruction. Crystal Group can protect your critical data from attempted breaches at the edge, when it matters most.

Metromatics have been selling and supporting the Crystal Group Embedded Computer product range for over 10 years.
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