Load Cells

High quality load cells also known as load transducers or load sensors using metal foil strain gauge technology. Capacity of 1.9987 g to 4000000 lb (1779200 N), various sizes for tension, compression and combination load directions. Available in various configurations: bending beam, canister, donut, in-line, load button, low profile, medical, pancake, rod end, S Beam and Side mount versions.


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Load Cells

FUTEK specialty is high quality Load Cells.  There are multitudes of variations and configurations to choose from.  Some of these include Bending Beam; Canister; Donut; In-Line; Load Button; Low Profile; Medical; Pancake; Rod End; S-Beam and Side Mount.

Metromatics proudly sell and support the FUTEK Load Cell Product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Review the models below or contact us for more information.

Pedal Force Sensor & Bending Beam Load Cell     
pedal force sensorLAU200 Pedal Force Sensorpedal force sensorLAU220 Pedal Force Sensorbending beam load cellLBB200 Bending Beam Load Cell
Fold Back Beam Load Cell, Parallelogram Load Cell, OEM Load Cell, Mini Beam Load Cell     
Load CellLSM200 Fold Back Beam Load CellLoad CellLSM250 Parallelogram Load CellLoad CellLSM300 OEM Load Cell
Load CellLSM400 Mini Beam Load Cell




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