Pancake Load Cells

FUTEK Pancake Load Cells

What are Pancake Load Cells?

A Pancake Load Cell is a type of load cell.  Also known as a universal load cell or shear web load cell. It is designed with a wide, flat shape and resembles a pancake.  Usually manufactured from stainless steel or aluminium.

What applications are they suitable for?

Pancake Load Cells are suited to force measurement, compression testing, inline or torque measurement in industrial, manufacturing, and scientific applications where:

  • Vertical space is limited; tight spaces – a low profile pancake load cell is ideal.
  • Load needs to be applied in a radial or axial direction.
  • The need to respond quickly to changes such as in dynamic measurement applications.
  • A requirement for a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
  • The ability to be easily installed with little maintenance required.

What is a “Fatigue Rated Pancake Load Cell”?

You may have heard the term “fatigue rated pancake load cell”?  Therefore, designed and tested to withstand repetitive loading over a period without losing accuracy or reliability.    This type of load cell is often used in material testing, fatigue testing and structural testing. As it can handle both static and dynamic loads.

FUTEK make Pancake Load Cells

FUTEK specialise in the manufacture a range of load cells including load buttons, donut load cells and of course Pancake Load Cells and Fatigue rated versions.  Their products offer several advantages over the competition including:

  1. High Accuracy: Designed to provide high accuracy measurements with low errors.  Designed to maintain their accuracy over time, even in demanding applications.
  2. Customisation: FUTEK offers arrange of customisation options for their load cells. Including choice of materials, mounting options and electrical outputs.  This allows customers to tailor the load cell to their specific application requirements.
  3. Compact Size: Low profile and compact size. Therefore, ideal where space is limited, or a smaller load cell is required.
  4. Durability: Designed to withstand harsh environments. As well as maintain accuracy in demanding applications.  Furthermore, made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.
  5. Multiple Capacities: Available in multiple capacities. This includes ranging from a few grams to several thousand kilograms.  Enabling customers to choose the right load cell specific to their needs.

Used in aerospace, automotive, medical, robotics and manufacturing.  Specific applications include material testing, compression testing, force measurement, torque measurement and structural testing.

Preferred brand of load cell.  Ideal where space is limited, accuracy critical and durability is essential.


Design Features of FUTEK Universal Load Cells

Female Thread thru Central Threaded Hole:  this allows the measuring of loads in either tension or compression.  As well as the ability to measure “Off-Axis Loading” or “Off Centre Loading” whilst still providing perfect accuracy.

Multiple Shear Struts: Designed into most capacities.

Bending Beams: designed into lower capacity models. This allows the structure to be less sensitive to extraneous loads and moments (such as Torque) compared to other inline sensors.  Such as S-Beam Load Cell, Diaphragm and column type.

Multiple Thru holes on outer ring for pancake load cell mounting:  By fixing through the outside mounting holes allow this shear web product to be used in tension applications.  Add the tension plate option and it can be used inline in both tension and compression like the S-Beam.

Capacity ranges: from 11 Kg to 453,592 Kgs

Standard Features:  Compact Design, Metric Thread, Metal Foil Strain Gauge Technology and Quick Disconnect

Other features: Some models are submersible and built in inline amplifiers with VDC/4-20mA or TEDS IEEE1451.4 Option for plug and play.

Models include:

             FUTEK LCF451 Fatigue rated pancake load cellFUTEK LCF456 Fatigue Rated Load Cell
LCF451 – Fatigue RatedLCF456 Fatigue Rated, Tension Base
FUTEK LCF501 Fatigue Rated Pancake Load CellFatigue Rated Pancake Load Cell FUTEK LCF506
LCF501 Low Profile, Fatigue RatedLCF506 Fatigue Rated, for inline apps.
High Capacity Fatigue Rated Load Cell LCF551High Capacity Fatigue Rated Pancake Load Cell LCF556
LCF551 High Capacity LCF556 High Capacity, Tension Base, Fatigue Rated
LCF550 Pancake Load CellHigh Capacity Load Cell with Tension base by FUTEK LCF555
LCF550 Large Capacity for tension and compression apps.LCF555 Tension and Compression Applications
FUTEK LCF300 Load CellFUTEK LCF400 Load Cell
LCF300 Universal Pancake Load CellLCF400 Universal Pancake Load Cell 
LCF450 Load CellPancake Load Cell LCF500
LCF450 Compression LCF500 Tension 
Pancake Load Cell LCF455 Pancake Load Cell LCF505
LCF455 Tension baseLCF505 Tension Base

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