Universal Pancake Load Cell LCF300

The LCF300 is a Universal Pancake Load Cell which measures low profile tension and compression. Available in 2024 Aluminium for lower capacities (4.54 – 22.68 kg) and in 17-4 Stainless Steel for a higher capacity range (45.36 – 226.80 kgs).

Typical applications include Endurance and Fatigue Testing where long performance cycles are required.

The FUTEK LCF300 is a Universal Pancake load Cell. Due to its low profile, it is ideal for those applications where vertical space is limited or extraneous loads are detected.

Firstly, it has female/female threads and is a one piece construction.

Secondly, if offers high accuracy. With a nonlinearity of ±0.25% and operating temperature of -51° to 93°C.

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Other outstanding features include:

  • Low Profile Design
  • Compression and Tension Applications
  • Uses metal foil strain gauge technology
  • Resistant to off Axis Loading
  • Monolithic multi beam construction


Universal Pancake Load Cell LCF300


Load CapacityThread SizeOuter Diameter in cmHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cm

Connection type


111.206 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  Connector
FSH04270222.411 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  



444.822 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  Connector
FSH042732224.11 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  



111.206 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  Connector
FSH04275222.411 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  



1112.06 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm  Connector
FSH046231112.06 N¼-285.03 cm4.45 cm5.03 cm5.03 cm




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