Miniature Threaded Load Buttons – LLB210

LLB210 Model is a Miniature Threaded Load Button used for press or inline compression medical applications. Such as packaging, medical research, robotics and machine monitoring which requires high accuracy and stiffness along with nonlinearity of ±0.5% and deflection of 0.002”.
Constructed from 17-4 stainless steel, it has a tiny 0.9632cm outside diameter and a 3M 29 AWG 4 Conductor Shielded Teflon cable. Models available can measure a load capacity of 44.482 to 222.41N in this ultra-fast response package.



Miniature Threaded Load Buttons for compression applications LLB210


Load Capacity Newtons (N) Thread Size Height in Cm Outer Diametre in cm Integrated TEDS

Connection Type


44.4822 N #2-56 0.81 0.97 No Cable
FSH02710 222.411 N #2-56 0.81 0.97 No


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llb210 Spec Sheet