Futek Advanced Sensor Instruments

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Instrument Technology products include Amplifiers, digital displays, signal conditioners, USB Output Modules and sensor verification systems.



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FUTEK Advanced Sensor Instruments

FUTEK‘s Sensor Instruments support FUTEK’s range of Load Cells, Torque, Pressure and Multi-Axis Sensors.

Sensor Instruments consist of: Amplifiers, Hand Held Displays, Panel Meters, Strain Gauge Summing Junction Boxes and USB Output Modules which eliminates the need for analogue amplifiers, power supplies and display equipment.

Analogue AmplifierIAA100 Analog Amplifier with Voltage OutputAnalog AmplifierIAA200 Analogue Amplifier with Current OutputStrain Gauge AmplifierIAA300 Differential Strain Gauge Amplifier
Digital AmplifierIDA100 Digitally Configurable Amplifier with USB OutputJunction BoxIAC200 1-4 Channel Strain Gauge Summing Junction Box
Digital Display
Hand Held DisplayIHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held DisplayPanel Mount DisplayIPM650 Intelligent Panel Mount
USB Output Module
USB Output ModuleUSB220 High Resolution USB Output ModuleUSB Output ModulesUSB320 Amplified Input USB Output ModuleMV/V USB Output ModuleUSB520 USB Module for mV/V Amplified and Encoder Input


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