CAN-MD Hardware & Software

CAN-MD relies upon properly engineering software. Therefore a close collaboration is required between software developers and machinery diagnosis practitioners to arrive at the optimal solution for integration

The integrating process of CAN-MD Hardware and Software into existing CAN bus systems should be performed by machinery diagnostics and software experts end-user staff. Along with detailed CAN-MD Interface control documents (ICD) from an authorised independent CAN-MD solutions provider or by Dytran Instruments.

Firstly, the CAN-MD developer kits are available with a variety of hardware configurations to aid the integration process. This system receives a copy of the ICD. A detailed description on how the senor communicates with the bus. It allows a full integration into existing CAN data recorders and machine control units.

Dytran has successfully conducted CAN-MD System integration with a variety of industry available hardware. One of these systems is manufactured by Dewesoft, who we represent in Australia and New Zealand.

Dewesoft Example

Dewesoft is a manufacturer of versatile and robust data acquisition systems. Their systems are deployed in a variety of applications from vehicle testing to structural dynamics. Dewesoft hardware can support a variety of data inputs including CAN bus which is present on many of their systems. Allowing the connection of up to 32 nodes of CAN-MD® sensors per CAN channel.

The Dewesoft X3 software package provides powerful data analysis and presentation tools within a user-friendly ecosystem. With a few simple steps, Dytran’s engineers were able to use the Dewesoft hardware and software to make meaningful measurements with CAN-MD®.

For this integration a Dewesoft DC CAN2 module was deployed with two CAN-MD® accelerometers. The DS CAN2 has two CAN channels supporting up to 62 nodes of CAN-MD® sensors.

The Dewesoft X software package provides the user with the ability to create scripts easily with their configuration screens. In the case of this integration, the system was configured to receive the data points of an FFT calculated on the CAN-MD® sensor. Once the Dewesoft X software was configured to accept the FFT data from the CAN-MD® sensor the data could easily be displayed with the excellent selection of plotting tools provided by Dewesoft.

The data can also be used for further analysis. In this case a FRF was calculated in the software from the FFT data calculated on the sensors.

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