Dewesoft Mounting Plates

Dewesoft Mounting Plates are flexible and robust mounting plates for Dewesoft data acquisition systems.

The are CNC Milled to perfection to fit Dewesoft Data Acquisition Hardware Systems.


This DAQ system mounting plate is for SIRIUS data acquisition systems and SBOX data processing computers. This plate can mount these products to the wall, floor and any other flat surface.

The DS-MOUNT1 also has 4 holes to firmly screw it to any flat surface. Smart click corners are also available. These allow users to firmly clip SIRIUS, SIRIUS R4, SBOX, MINITAURs, IOLITE R8, or DS-BP2 and DSP-BP4 Battery packs.


This mounting plate is a general top mount for SIRIUSdata acquisition systems and/orSBOX data loggers. This mount is CNC milled from a single block of aluminium.

Furthermore, DS-MOUNT-2 can also be used to fit small instruments. For example this includes Up to 2 x DS-CAN2, Up to 1 x DEWE-43A, Up to 1 x GNSS Receiver. Other compatible products include: SIRIUS Modular DAQ, R4, SBOX, MINITAUR, IOLITE R8, DS-BP2 and DS-BP4 Battery Packs.


This top plate with display handle and holder is for Dewesoft’s portable LCD displays. This mount has a clever click mechanism that fits the SIRIUS, R4, IOLITE R8, SBOX, MINITAURs or DS-BP battery packs. In addition to this, this mount also easily mounts the Dewesoft LCD display.


An aluminium bottom mounting plate with easy click mechanism. This mount allows firm clipping of instruments. It fits the SIRIUS, R4, IOLITE R8, SBOX, MINITAURs or DS-BP battery packs.


This mounting plate is for SIRIUS MODULAR, SIRIUS R4, IOLITE R8, SBOX, MINITAURs or DS-BP battery packs. It also fits the Instruments into a 19˝ rack cabinet.

Key Features of the DAQ System Mounting Plate:

  • Smart Click Mechanism: Mounting plates have a smart click mechanism that allows several Dewesoft DAQ systems to firmly fixed to the mounting plate.
  • Wide Variety of Options: Different mounting plates allow SIRIUS units to mount to rigid surfaces. It also allows it to stack KRYPTON units and other devices and accessories to the top.
  • Rugged: A single block of aluminium makes up the mounting plates. As a result, they are durable and perfect for rugged environments.
  • Damped Rugged Mount for SIRIUSw: Rugged mounting systems for SIRIUSw and SBOXw expands the usability of these devices by providing a vibration-damping mechanism.

To learn more about the Dewesoft Mounting Plates for Data Acquisition Hardware, click more information. Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.

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