Avionics, Telemetry and Timecode Generation/Insertion

Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics is able to offer a range of premium Avionics Interface Cards, Telemetry Systems and Timecode Generators and Inserters.  Defence and Industrial applications today demand reliable rugged embedded computing solutions to operate in extreme environments.  These Avionics, Telemetry and Timecode Generation and Insertion products include

Avionics: MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Multi Protocol Interface Cards, Ethernet Converter, 1553 Bus Couplers

Rotating Telemetry Systems: Half Shaft Torque Measurement Systems, Prop Shaft Torque Measurement Systems, Inductive Powered Telemetry Systems, Rechargeable Shaft Telemetry Systems, Battery Powered Telemetry Systems, Telemetry Receivers and Tyre & Wheel Mounted Telemetry Systems.

Telemetry Systems: Receivers/Combiners, RF Telemetry, Tracking and IF Receivers, Digital Demodulators/Combiners, Bit Syncs, Decoms, Telemetry Simulators and Portable Telemetry Systems

Timecode generation and insertion: Analogue Video Inserters, HD-SDI Inserters/Recorders; Time Code Displays and Generators

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Our portfolio of Avionics, Telemetry and Timecode Generation Insertion Products consists of:


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Avionics Interface TechnologiesTelemetry SystemsTimeCode Generators



Timecode generation & insertion

Rotating Telemetry System

Rotating Telemetry Systems


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