FUTEK Cables & Accessories

A range of FUTEK Cables & Accessories are available to assist in the easy installation and connection of FUTEK Sensors purchased.

Items such as Shunt Cal/R Cal Resistors, Load Buttons/Hooks, Rod alignment couplers, instrument & VCAL accessories, tension base plate, threaded rods, mounting kits and much more.

Portfolio of FUTEK Cables & Accessories.

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Cylinder rod alignment Couplers Instrument Accessories FUTEK Cables & Accessories Instrumentation FUTEK Cables & Accessories Cable & connector

Cylinder Rod Alignment Couplers

Instrument Accessories Instrumentation

Item Cable/Connector

Load Button Load Hook load plate Mounting Kit
A Load Button Load Hook Load Plate

Mounting Kit

rod end bearing Shunt Cal Resistors torque adaptor system cable & connector

Rod End Bearing

Shunt Cal / R Cal Resistors Square Drive Torque Adaptor

System Cable Connector

tension base plate threaded rods torque adaptor VCAL Accessories

Tension Base Plate

Threaded Rods Torque Adaptor

VCAL Accessories


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