Shaft to Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor TRS600

The TRS600 is a non contact shaft to shaft rotary torque sensor also. It offers a unique solution for torque auditing applications.

Available in a wide range of capacities and with TEDS IEEE1451.4 option.

The FUTEK TRS600 is a shaft to shaft rotary torque sensor.

Firstly, it is designed for torque auditing applications. It is compact in size and can operate up to 12,000 RPM.

Secondly, like the majority of FUTEK sensors it uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

Finally, for more information, contact us.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Compact in size
  • Strain Gauge Base
  • Can operate up to 12000 RPM


Shaft to Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor TRS600


Torque CapacityTorque Sensor TypeMounting TypeOutput TypeConnection TypeIP Rating

Rotary Type


1 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40

Non Contact


2 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40Non Contact
FSH019965 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40

Non Contact


10 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40Non Contact
FSH0199820 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40

Non Contact


50 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40Non Contact
FSH02730100 N-mRotaryShaftVDCConnectorIP40

Non Contact



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