Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

High Performance Signal Conditioning Amplifiers are microprocessor controlled and used for transducer data acquisition.

Features of these amplifiers include automatic zero, balance and calibration, computer monitoring and display of excitation and output. Operating warnings for out of limit conditions and digital data storage for transient and waveform capture are also displayed. Graphical User Interface Software is available for Windows and LabVIEW.

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Signal Conditioning Amplifiers consist of:

Series 6100 Automated Amplifiers

Model 9355 Automated AmplifiersModel 70A Manual Amplifiers
signal conditioning amplifierInstrumentation AmplifierInstrumentation Amplifier
Series 6100 is an automated, fully programmable transducer signal conditioning amplifier system. The basic mainframe holds 32 channels, expandable to 1,024 channels. Available with RS-232, IEEE-488 or Ethernet Interface and Software for Windows.

Features include

  • High Performance Conditioning
  • Static & Dynamic Strain, RTD, Charge, IEPE, Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • 300V Common Mode Rejection
  • Buffered Analog Outputs to External A/D
  • Turnkey & API Software
Series 9300 is a fully programmable, modular signal conditioning amplifier system with isolated excitation. It has 300V Common mode rejection, programmable filters and dual analog outputs. Channels are controlled from the front panel or Windows Software. Plug in completion cards allow the 9300 to be used with a variety of transducer types.

Features include

  • Voltage and Current Excitation with remote sensing and excitation interrupt
  • Per Channel isolation with 300V common mode rejection
  • Voltage Substitution Calibration
  • 4-Step bi polar resistive or DAC shunt calibration
  • 100kHz bandwidth & gains 1 to 10,000
  • Selectable 4 or 8 pole low pass filters
  • Dual buffered 10V Analog Outputs
Model 70A is a full featured, wideband differential instrumentation amplifier which can be used for a variety of applications. Designed to amplify and filter low level signals, it can be used for line and galvanometer driving, data filtering and signal isolation ahead of an external acquisition system like the Series 6000.

Features include

  • Gains from 0.01 to 5,000
  • 0.1% or 0.02% gain accuracy
  • 100 kHz bandwidth
  • 300 Volt common mode
  • 2 or 6 pole selectable low pass filter
  • Voltage substitution calibration
  • Dual, 100 mA, floating outputs
  • Optional AC input Coupling
See the options for enclosures and I/O Modules below.Model 9355 Spec SheetModel 70A Spec Sheet

Enclosure details for Series 6100

Series 6100 and 6000 Enclosures are common between the two product lines. They can accommodate any combination of Series 6100 I/O Modules. Enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and a selection of AC and DC Powered Versions to meet lab and portable field applications. USB 2.0 and Ethernet Interfaces are available.

Common Enclosure Features

  • Any number or combination of racks
  • Multiple, distributed system support
  • Supports any I/O Module in any slot
6000UData and Control Interface16 I/O Module Slots and 8U Rack Mount6000U Spec Sheet
6010Usignal conditioning amplifier4 I/O Module Slots

3U Rack Mount

6010U Spec Sheet
6008Usignal conditioning amplifier4 I/O Module Slots

4U DC Powered Portable

6008U Spec Sheet
6005Usignal conditioning amplifier10 I/O Module Slots

6U DC Powered Portable

6005U Spec Sheet

Series 6100 I/O Modules

Series 6100 I/O Modules condition, amplify, filter and output high level signals to external data acquisition systems. Modules are selected according to functional and performance requirements for your application.

Model 61202 Channel Strain/Bridge/IEPE Amplifier Filter Analog Output6120 Spec Sheet
Model 61298 Channel AC/DC Coupled IEPE Amplifier Filter Analog Output6129 Spec Sheet
Model 61312 Channel Transducer Amplifier Filter Analog Output6131 Spec Sheet
Model 61364 Channel Charge/IEPE Amplifier Filter Analog Output6136 Spec Sheet
Model 61524 Channel Strain/Bridge Transducer Amplifier Filter Output6152 Spec Sheet
Model 61602 Channel Transducer Amplifier Filter Analog Output 300 CMV6160 Spec Sheet
Model 61652 Channel Instrumentation Amplifier Filter Analog Output 300 CMV6165 Spec Sheet
Model 61682 Channel Transducer Amplifier Filter Analog Output 300 CMV6168 Spec Sheet

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