Turnkey Strain & Bridge DAQ 6845

The Turnkey Strain & Bridge DAQ 6845 is a ready-to-run, high performance laboratory based measurement system. Its enclosures are 3U rack mountable or can go right on the desktop. The 6845 units also come equipped with a conditioner, amplifier, filter and digitiser.

Each channel on the Pacific Instruments Turnkey Strain & Bridge DAQ 6845 has front mount RJ-45 connectors for 8-wire bridge transducers. Individual channels also have a differential +/- 10V input and can digitise and record data to 16-bit resolution with upper and lower programmable alarm capability. Solutions are also available for providing digital outputs based on these alarm conditions.

Furthermore, the included PI660 software is used for setup, display & acquisition of the measurement data. It allows for acquisition and control of one or many 6800 systems and provides real time data display. Data can also display and record in any number of ways.  As a result, creating a versatile system that can fit any application. The 6845 is also fully compatible with Pacific Instruments’ Series 6000 Transducer Data Acquisition Systems. Finally, accomplishing custom configurations is easy with this system.

Key Features of the Turnkey Strain & Bridge DAQ 6845:

  • 16 or 32 Channels Strain/Bridge Input
  • 10kS/s, 16-Bit Digitizer
  • Bridge Completion, Remote Sense, Shunt Calibration, Low-pass Filters
  • RJ45 Input Connector
  • IRIG Time A, B or G
  • Digital I/O
  • PI660 Turnkey Software Included

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