Rugged Ethernet DAQ Systems 7300

Pacific’s Rugged Ethernet DAQ Systems 7300 increases the bandwidth and sample rates of the popular 7200 ruggedised data systems. Furthermore, each module in the system conditions, amplifies and digitises the outputs of up to sixteen strain gage, bridge or voltage transducers. In addition to this, its rugged enclosure is perfect for installation in wind tunnels, engine test stands and other facilities where locating the DAS close to the test article is favourable in order to reduce installation and cable costs as well as improve signal quality and reliability.

The Rugged Ethernet DAQ Systems 7300 is self-contained.  It also provides transducer excitation, bridge completion and balance. Furthermore, the transducer output is also amplified and filtered to remove signal components that produce alias errors. In addition to this, the digital processing of the digitised transducer output provides multiple sample rates, an 80 dB/octave FIR filter and 32-bit floating point output format in millivolts.


Four models are available.  They differ in excitation and signal conditioning capabilities. For example, Model 7316 for strain gage and bridge transducers has a programmable voltage excitation, bridge completion for 120 and 350 Ohm strain gages, shunt calibration and automatic balance. Model 7324 is also similar to 7316 but it also includes an option to AC couple the input. Model 7320 is similar but provides regulated power for transducers with internal electronics. Finally, Model 7318 is for voltage inputs. To top things off, the amplified transducer signals undergo digitisations and processing. They are then output at up to 100k samples per second, as selected for individual channels. A digital signal processor (DSP) also provides low-pass filtering selectable from 10 Hz to 50 kHz with 80 db/octave roll-off.

Each module in this system also has a 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface for control and data output.  This simplifies system wiring and provides remote and distributed operation.  The IRIG time can also synchronise sampling on multiple modules within 10 microseconds.  Alternatively a TTL timing signal can achieve better than 1 microsecond time alignment. Users can also connect multiple modules with up to 4,096 channels on a single Ethernet LAN.

Software Support

Pacific’s PI770 software supports Model 7300 is supported by Pacific’s PI770 software that provides a ready-to-run application and an SDK for user program development. Calibration and performance verification is accomplished by PANEL72 Maintenance and Calibration software. The ACS2000 Automatic Calibration System automates performance verification and periodic instrument calibration.

Key Features of the Rugged Ethernet DAQ Systems 7300

  • 16-Channels strain gage, bridge or voltage transducers
  • Ethernet control and data interface
  • Real time temperature compensated (Gain & Excitation) from -20°C to +50°C
  • 0.1% or better accuracy over full gain & temperature range
  • 45 kHz analog bandwidth, gain 1 to 1,000
  • 24-Bit A/D programmable up to 100kS/s per channel
  • Wide range programmable filter, 80 dB/octave
  • IRIG A, B & G time decoding and recording
  • 1 μS synchronised sampling of multiple enclosures
  • Ruggedised for tough environments
  • 20 to 30 Volt DC power

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