Turnkey Voltage DAQ System 6820

Turnkey Voltage DAQ System 6820 is for IEPE and ICP inputs.  It is also perfect for portable applications because it is a ready-to-run, high performance measurement system powered by DC. All connections also mount on the front for easy installation in tight places or on the go.

The 6800 Turnkey Voltage DAQ System 6820 comes with a conditioner, amplifier, filter and digitiser. Each channel also comes with a front mounted BNC connector for voltage or ICP/IEPE inputs. Individual channels also have a differential ±10V input and can digitise and record data to 16-bit resolution with upper and lower programmable alarm capability. Solutions are available for providing digital outputs based on these alarm conditions.

Furthermore, the included software, PI660, is for setup, display and acquisition of measurement data. PI660 allows for acquisition and control of one or many 6800 systems and provides real time data display. Data also displays and records in any number of ways.  Therefore creating a versatile system that can fit any application and expand easily as a result.  Unit customisation is also available.

Multiple systems can also combine for larger and/or distributed installations.  Furthermore, programming and data transfer are over USB which provides high data transfer rates with low, predictable latency. It interfaces to the USB port provided on most PC computers, including laptops for ultimate portability.

Data Redundancy is also available. A 2.5″ HD (Model 6095) mounts on the USB controller board in each system and provides a redundant recording point for the DAS. In the unlikely event the Operator’s Workstation or DAS Software fails, data continues to record and is recoverable from the system post test.

Finally, the Operator’s Workstation (6800-PCCOWU-LT) is the primary control and data recording point for the Series 6800 DAS. The PCCOWU-LT is typically a laptop, connected to the USB port and runs PI660 Data Acquisition Software for system setup, calibration, display, recording, distribution and export.

Key Features of the Turnkey Voltage DAQ System 6820:

  • 8, 16, 24 or 32 Channels IEPE/Voltage Input
  • 200kS/s 16-Bit Digitizer Per Channel
  • BNC Inputs
  • AC/DC Coupling
  • IRIG Time A, B or G
  • PI660 Turnkey Software Included
  • Shipping Container

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