Transient Recording I/O Modules

Individual channel modules that plug into the Transient Recording I/O Modules enclosures condition, amplify, filter, digitise and store transducer signals. Simultaneous sampling provides excellent time correlation between channels and external events. The digitiser is also available with 14, 16 or 24-bit resolution and sample rates up to 10 Million samples per second.

After acquiring data, the Transient Recording I/O Modules digitise and record it into non-volatile, solid-state memory.   In addition to this, these modules also record calibration, pre-trigger and post-trigger data.  Furthermore, in a typical test scenario a TTL input, program instruction or automatic sequencer initiates the recording of pre-trigger data.  Following this, a TTL input or on-board discriminator then triggers post trigger data recording.

The quantities and sample rates of pre and post-trigger data storage are programmable.  As a result, this configures the transient recorder according to the characteristics of the collected data. Furthermore, users can also change sample rates during acquisition without interrupting data flow to capture high-speed events while maintaining sufficient memory space to record long-term effects. The 5800 is also configurable with multiple records.  For example, each use the same pre and post-trigger sampling profile. Finally, an ethernet interface debriefs and transfers data into permanent storage.

Each channel has two inputs: one for bridges, voltage, RTDs, potentiometers and thermocouples; the other AC coupled with current excitation for transducers with built-in electronics. Signal conditioning includes programmable excitation and completion for 1/4, 1/2 and full bridge, AC-coupling, automatic balance, voltage and four-step shunt calibration, programmable gain and a four frequency, eight-pole filter.

Key Features of the Transient Recording I/O Modules:

  • Record fast events, up to 10 MS/s
  • One pre-trigger and two post-trigger sample rates
  • Rugged 3 or 16 channel, battery operated enclosures
  • 16 Channel A/C powered laboratory enclosures
  • Ethernet interface with Windows software
  • Dual inputs, bridge and ICP
  • Programmable for 1/4, 1/2 and full bridges
  • Voltage & shunt calibration
  • Automatic, hands-off operation
  • Analog output for external recording

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