Data Acquisition System Conditioning & Control


The Pacific Instruments Series 6000 is a fully integrated modular data acquisition system conditioning & control.  It has unparalleled performance and accuracy and can be configured to have 2 to many thousands of channels, high & low speed, analogue & digital.

The Series 6000 acquires measurement data from all types of sensors.  Analogue and digital I/O modules condition, amplify, filter and digitise signals from transducers and this information is fed into the Turnkey and/or API Software for analysis.  Making the Series 6000, the ideal product in any test facility.

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Data Acquisition System Conditioning & Control

Enclosure Details

The Data Acquisition System Conditioning & Control consists of four enclosures, which is part of the Series 6000 System:

Common Features of the Enclosures
  • Any number or combination of racks
  • Over 6 MS/s simultaneous sampling per system
  • Multiple, distributed system support
  • On-Board storage for data redundancy
  • Distributed Sample Clock, Alarm & Calibration Bus
  • IRIG A, B or G
  • Supports any I/O Module in any slot
TypeRack Mount & DesktopRack Mount & DesktopDC Powered & PortableDC Powered & Portable
Model No6000U6010U6008U6005U
Picture6000U Enclosure

16 I/O Module Slots
8U Rack Mount
6010U Enclosure

4 I/O Module Slots
3U Rack Mount
6008U Enclosure

4 I/O Module Slots
4U DC Powered
6005 Enclosure

10 I/O Module Slots
6U DC Powered
Brochure6000U_Enclosure 16-slot USB Data & Control Interface6010U_Enclosure 4-slot USB Data & Control Interface6008U_Enclosure 4-slot 12V DC USB Control & Data Interface6005U_Enclosure 10-slot 12V DC USB Control & Data Interface
I/O Modules

Series 6000 Input/Output Modules condition, amplify, filter and digitise signals from analogue and digital measurements for data display and recording.  Types include:

  • Strain Gauge
  • Bridge Transducers
  • Temperature
  • Displacement
  • Position
  • Buffered Analogue Output for redundant recording
  • Custom Designed or reconfigured to fit applications

Application Diagram

For specific information on Analog I/O Modules click here

For specific information on Digital I/O Modules click here


The Pacific Instrument Series 6000 use PI660 Test and Measurement Software.  It is a turnkey application that runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System.

PI660 Software

Pre-test operations include: system setup, test definition & tracking, system and transducer calibration.

Real-Time includes: display, acquisition & data distribution to display clients

Post Test Function includes: data replay & plotting, 3rd party formats for analysis

The PI660 has an application programmer’s interface (API) and can be used by any software or development tools that can call a DLL.

To find out more about the PI660 Test and Measurement Software for the Pacific Instrument Series 6000 Data Acquisition System Conditioning & Control; click here

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