502X Cable Series

The 502X Cable Series is a wide range of communication signal cables and ribbon cables for connection to Acromag I/O products.

The Acromag 502X Cable Series provides a large selection of signal cables to complete the connection of the field wiring on the termination panel to the I/O board. Acromag also offer a wide assortment of ribbon cables to accommodate the various pin and connector configurations.

5028-420: Round cable, shielded, male SCSI-3 connecor to 68-pin CHAMP 0.8mm, 2 meters long.

5028-432: Round cable, shielded, 6 ft. long, SCSI-3 68-pin connectors at both ends.

5028-438: Round cable, shielded, 6 ft. long, SCSI-2 50-pin connector at both ends.

5028-564: VPX4812 6″ JTAG development cable.

5028-615: Cable, 68-pin CHAMP to pigtail, 36 inches long.

5028-616: Cable, 68-pin CHAMP to pigtail, 70 inches long.

5028-617: Audio cable.

5028-618: Serial COM cable.

5028-629: ACEX4041 Cable shutdown

5025-913: CS Electronics internal SCSI cable with PCI bracket-mounted HD68 female connector. Brings the XMC J14 rear I/O signals to back panel of the PC. Use with APCe8670 and APCe8675 carrier cards.

5025-917: Samtec Q Pairs® high speed twinax cable for board-to-board connections. 3 inches long, 20 differential pairs. Connects carrier cards in adjacent slots between P2 or P3 connectors. High-speed serial signals originate from XMC J16 rear I/O. Use with APCe8675 carrier card.

5025-921: Cable: VHDCI 36-pin to SCSI-2, 6 feet. Use with XMC-6VLX240F and XMC-6VLX365F


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