6U VPX Graphics Cards

WOLF’s 6U VPX Video Graphics Modules support VPX REDI and OpenVPX Standards.  They incorporate the latest GPU Systems into their designs from reputable companies such as NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx FPGAs.  This enables the highest quality video output, image and data processing, video encoding to HEVC and AVC, plus video capture.  The WOLF 6U VPX Graphics Cards are the preferred choice for Defence and Aerospace Applications such as High Performance GPGPU Computing and Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Inference.

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WOLF’s 6U VPX Video Graphics Cards provide system designers with a flexible and highly configurable PCI Express Interface. This enables a broad range of switch link configurations. Their COTS models consist of air cooled and conduction cooled options. The 6U VPX Video Graphics Cards can also be modified for MCOTS or to your Custom Requirements.

WOLF incorporates the latest GPU Chipsets into their designs from leading GPU manufacturers such as NVIDIA.

The VPX Standard

The VPX Standard, as defined in VITA 46, represents a scalable backplane technology meticulously crafted for high-speed, mission-critical embedded systems. This standard finds its sweet spot in Defence and Aerospace applications, including but not limited to radar, electronic warfare, and electro-optical systems. What sets VPX apart is its utilisation of cutting-edge switch serial fabrics, which not only grant it a significantly higher maximum bandwidth but also ensure compatibility with VMEbus users.

At the core of VPX’s high-speed connectivity are the MultiGIG RT Connectors. These connectors are engineered to support lightning-fast serial buses, clocking in at speeds of 10 Gbps or beyond. For 3U VPX Cards, three connectors (P0 to P2) come into play, with P0 serving power and signal control, and P1 and P2 dedicated to high-speed serial bus signals and user I/O. In the case of 6U VPX Cards, a total of seven connectors (P0 to P6) are deployed, where P3 to P6 are reserved for user I/O.

WOLF VPX Modules are fully compliant with the VPX REDI (VITA 48) Standard. Essentially, this compliance signifies their ability to accommodate the elevated operating power demands of high-density electronic modules. This standard goes further by delineating the mechanical design specifications necessary to support enhanced cooling methods, while also establishing guidelines for the use of ESD Covers on both sides of the boards.

About OpenVPX

In the realm of VPX, OpenVPX (VITA65) takes the spotlight as a system-level VPX Specification. Its primary objective is to foster interoperability among VPX Boards and Backplanes sourced from various suppliers. This holistic approach ensures that VPX systems can seamlessly integrate components from multiple providers, streamlining the development and deployment of advanced embedded solutions.

Want to learn why OpenVPX is so popular with Defence? View this article.

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VPX6U-RTX5000E-DUAL-VO is 6U VPX Graphics Board

6U VPX GPGPU Graphics and Video Card VPX6U-RTX5000E-DUAL-VO

A 6U VPX Graphics Board that contains two NVIDIA Quadro Turing Graphics Modules, which provides amazing GPGPU parallel processing with 22 TFLOPs, 768 Tensor Cores and 8 Video Outputs..

Successful Installations: Aerospace and Defence Applications. Such as AI Inference, Deep Learning, Radar, Autonomous Vehicles, High performance Image Processing, Parallel Processing, ISR and EW.

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6U VPX Graphics Video Card for Image Processing

6U VPX Graphics & Video Module VPX6U-A4500E-DUAL-VO

Powerful graphics and video module that includes two NVIDIA RTX™ 5000 Ada embedded GPUs and a PCIe Gen4 Switch in a rugged 6U VPX Module. Built on NVIDIA Ada architecture this GPU includes: CUDA Cores for High performance embedded computing, Tensor Cores for AI and 3rd Gen. Ray Tracing (RT) Cores for visual rendering

Successful Installations: Aerospace and Defence Applications. High Performance Embedded Computing, Artificial Intelligence, sensor data processing and C5ISR.

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VPX6U-P5200E-DUAL-VO is a Rugged 6U VPX GPGPU Graphics and Video Card with two NVIDIA Quadro Pascal 16nm GPUs

6U VPX Graphics Card VPX6U-P5200E-DUAL-VO

Contains dual NVIDIA Quadro Pascal™ Graphics Module that provides high speed GPGPU parallel processing with 17.4 TFLOPs GPGPU Engine and 8 Video Outputs.

Successful Installations: Aerospace and Defence Applications. Radar, High performance Image Processing, ISR and EW.

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vpx6u-p5000-dual-vo graphics processing board

VPX 6U NVIDIA P5000 Graphics Board

Dual NVIDIA P5000 NVIDIA Pascal based board enables GPGPU parallel processing, 12.4 TFLOPS and 8 Video Outputs in a rugged 6U VPX Module.

Successful Installations: Aerospace and Defence Applications. Advanced Parallel Processing, Video stabilisation, Image Processing, Terrain Analysis, Object Tracking or 3D Visualisation of Geospatial Data.

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