COTS 2U UPS for Defence

Metromatics offers 2U UPS Systems; available Commercially Off the Shelf (COTS) which are ideal for the Defence Industry.  They contain a rugged design and can either be rackmountable or installed in a floor standing tower.  Models have continuous power from 800 up to 2400 Watts (1000-3000VA).

Other enhanced features include: Online Double Conversion, Emergency Power Off, Remote Monitoring and Controlling, Smart Battery Reminder and Self Testing Features.


The Acumentrics COTS 2U UPS for Defence is designed to withstand shock and vibration.  Plus it offers a high level of performance than most COTS products with features such as:


High Performance

With an output factor of 0.9, packaged in a rugged small case, these models provide high performance and efficiency for such a small footprint.  Therefore, enabling more rack space for other critical electronic items. The Universal Mount case can be a floor standing tower or in a 19” Rack.

Emergency Power Off (EPO)

The COTS Select EPO function ensures safety of equipment and personnel. The system shut down occurs with one push button. Therefore, this protect users and down stream equipment in emergency situations.

Ruggedised Design

Conformal coated circuit cards for improved performance in humid conditions and robustly mounted components offer advancements over standard COTS UPS devices.

On-line Double Conversion

True on-line, double conversion continually creates a true sine wave AC output from a DC bus; protecting sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts, and noise.


This feature enables remote monitoring and controlling of the UPS in real time via a LAN system or web browser. This increases safety of users in combat and other demanding applications like oil and gas and mining.

Smart Battery Reminder

Users can quickly and easily assess charge level and operability of battery pack as well as receive warning of when battery requires replacing.

Self-Testing Feature

Remote applications require easy, real-time troubleshooting. The self-diagnostic function enables what is required to maintain continuous power.


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Our portfolio of our COTS 2U UPS consists of:

2U Defence UPS
2U Defence UPS
2U Defence UPS
Power (Watts)80016002400
Height x Width x Length CM8.89 x 43.18 x 50.80 cm8.89 x 43.18 x 63.50 cm8.89 x 43.18 x 63.50 cm
Height Unit2U2U2U
Lead Acid Battery
Backup Time6 Mins7 Mins5 Mins
Total UPS Weight15.87 Kg26.76 Kg26.76 Kg
DatasheetSpec Sheet COTS 2U UPSSpec Sheet COTS 2U UPSSpec Sheet COTS 2U UPS




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