PDU Remote Controlled

In Disaster Aid Scenarios and Army Missions, temporary shelters are often utilised as a base camp for Disaster Relief Workers and Soldiers. They generally house computers, communications and other electronic emergency equipment required to assist the mission.

The Smart PDU or Power Distribution Unit enables maximising the “up time” of IT Equipment such as servers, modems, routers etc. and can securely be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world to manage the power system located in the shelter.

The Acumentrics SmartPDU™ is a Power Distribution Unit (PDU). However, the difference with this PDU, is it that it can be securely accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Allowing experienced operators to maximise IT Equipment, monitor system health and schedule re-boots and shutdowns as necessary.

It offers real time, secure power monitoring, data logging and system control from any device. Therefore, making it essential for NOC, Colocation, Data Centres, Back Office IT Server Rooms and Temporary Shelters, giving you physical control of the equipment without physically being there.  For further information on the PDU Remote controlled, contact us.

Other features of this PDU Remote Controlled include:

  • Remotely Monitor and Control your Servers, Modems and Routers Monitor and & Log Key System
  • Parameters to ensure system health
  • Adjust individual breaker settings via proprietary software
  • Set Smart Thresholds
  • Energy Metering
  • Output Current and Input Voltage
  • Output Power (Watts, VAR, VA)
  • Internal/External Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • 1U and weighs 5.45 Kg
  • Contains real panel ground lug for TVSS Grounding


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