MIL-STD Analog to Digital Video Converters

These LRU Video Converters process 10Hz-30MHz analog video inputs such as VGA, NTSC, PAL, RS343 to digital SDI outputs in fixed or switchable configurations.

These proven video converter products are widely used in the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

EON Instrumentation’s MIL STD Analog to Digital Video Converters are available in several models.  Firstly, all are qualified to environmental, and EMI qualified to MIL STDs 810, 461, 704 and DO160.

Secondly, Power input of 16 – 40 vdc is received through a MIL STD D38999/20WA98PN connector.  All units accept standard NTSC, PAL or S-Video inputs through 75 ohm BNC connectors.  They distribute the converted SDI outputs through 75 ohm BNC’s.

Finally, the output signal is determined by the frame rate of the incoming video. Each output is amplified and equalised to unity gain with regards to the input signal level.

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MIL-STD Analog to Digital Video Converters

Model #Standard Signal In/OutStandard Signal Connector In/OutInputsOutputsUnique Features

Digital Video Converter ADV-NTSDI