Rugged AC DC Power Supply

The M141300-1 is a Rugged AC DC Powers Supply that accepts 120/240 VAC and provides +22 VDC up to 300W output.

Qualified to several Military Standards and is suitable for Defence applications.  It was deployed on the JCREW Ground Vehicle Platform as a Dismounted Power Supply.

EON Instrumentation’s Model M141300-1 is a Rugged AC DC Power Supply housed in an Aluminium Chassis. Firstly, it weighs 2.81kgs and it contains 1 x D38999 Input and 1 x D38999 Output.

Secondly, indicators are located on the front panel along with all inputs and outputs.

Thirdly, the power supply is qualified for the EMC requirements of MIL STD 461.  As well as the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810E/F.

Features of the Rugged AC DC Power Supply M141300-1 include


Model #Input VoltageStandard ConnectorOutput PowerStandard Output Voltages (VDC)


Unique Features
M141300-1115/220 45-70 Hz2 x MilS300W22Extreme Environmental Qualifications for Ground Operations


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EON Instrumentation MIL STD Power Supply Systems

EON Instrumentation manufactures customised rugged power supplies.  These units can be used as standalone or subassemblies to integrate with other electronics.

EON specialises in 5 watt to 500 watt single or multi output configurations.

The AC inputs supported include 115/220, 60-400Hz VAC which are single or three phase.  However, the DC input commonly supported is 9-45VDC.  Where the DC outputs include (+/-) 3.3, 5.0, 12.0, 15.0, 22.0, 24.0 and higher.  Therefore, making the overall efficiencies 85% or better and holding up from 10 to 200ms.

Connectors are typically MilStd Circular or DIN/Molex type.  The standard connector types can also be easily modified.

All Rugged Power supply products are Military Qualified to MIL STD 810/461/704/1275/901D; DO160 and other applicable standards.

These products are used in Airborne, Ship and ground vehicle applications.

M141300-1 Rugged AC DC Power Supply