Rugged Printers

Nova Integration Solutions offers a family of Rugged Printers designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.  Designed to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, EMI/EMC and other Military standards which supports applications to include ground mobile vehicles, portable shelters and on flight vehicles. Backed with brilliant customer service, technical support and training from Metromatics.

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Nova Integration Solutions manufactures Rugged Printers that are COTS or Custom Designed.  Firstly, these ruggedized printers are packaged in an aluminium enclosure.  Secondly, they come with a robust cooling system and suitable power supply. Which enables customers to achieve reliable products suitable for harsh environments.  Finally, strict Quality Control and Product planning reduces obsolescence threats.

However, if you have concerns regarding the weight, power and size of the Ruggedized Printer. There are lighter weight material options available.

Overcome, your challenging environmental printing conditions.  In applications such as ground mobile vehicles, in portable shelters and on flight vehicles with Nova Integration’s High Performance Rugged Printer Systems, today.

Nova Integration’s family of Rugged Printers includes:

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Rugged Laser PrinterIndustrial Printer Enclosure
Rugged Laser PrintersIndustrial Printer Enclosure

Mounting Options

All Models of  Military Printers can be Table Top mounted.  They have mounting points on the bottom of the printer.  As a result, threaded captive nuts for ease of installation.  Hence, rubber feet are an option. Also mounting hardware for crash hazard or high shock applications.

However, if you require a Rackmount Rugged Printer.  All models except 1150 and 1250 can be modified.  Finally, Rackmount Models are EIA-310D Compliant.  Also rack slide models are available in various lengths.




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