Industrial Printer Enclosure

The NIS Model 1500 Industrial Grade Sealed Enclosure with printer is suitable for Rackmount, table top or industrial shock tray mounting. It is ideal for construction sites, mining, oil & gas exploration, emergency services, paper and textile mills or manufacturing facilities that require a sealed enclosure with light weight ruggedisation such as sealed Ethernet and USB interfaces. Option for WiFi and or cellular hot spot devices and can power up to three extra devices using internal power outlets (rated up to 20A total).

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Model 1500 Industrial Printer Enclosure Product Highlights

  • Lowest cost printer model
  • Sealed enclosure with light ruggedisation ideal for construction sites, mining, oil & gas exploration, first responders, paper & textile mills or manufacturing facilities.
  • Suitable for many laser printer models and various electronic devices
  • Sealed Ethernet and USB interfaces standard
  • Wifi and/or cellular hot spot devices and antennas are optional
  • Additional storage space for spare toner or use as a charging station for small laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Can power up to 3 extra devices utilising internal power outlets (rated up to 20A total)
  • Installed printer maintains all agency certifications such as CE and UL.
  • Tabletop, rackmount or industrial shock tray mounting
  • Lockable doors
  • Customisation available

The Model 1500 enclosure can be ordered from Metromatics with a pre-installed printer, or it can be purchased as an empty enclosure in support of a field installed printer requiring minimum resources. Additional features include storage space for spare toner or tablet computers and 3 extra outlets for charging. Other sizes and options will become available, contact us for details