Rugged Workstation AT213

Argon introduces their AT213 21.3” rugged workstation. The unit comes with a brilliant 21” XGA display and provides an affordable fully featured solution for your fixed or mobile command & control console or any other rugged computing application where you need a powerful computing platform and configuration flexibility.

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Argon AT213 21.3″ Rugged Workstation

The Argon AT213 is a 21.3″ Rugged Workstation that is flexible and modular and can easily be adapted to meet your specific applications.  Some of its outstanding features include:

  • Small Mechanical Footprint Fully
  • Rugged Mechanical Packaging
  • Intel based processor with up to 8GB RAM; 128GB SSHD with Linux or WIN OS
  • 1x to 5x Military/Commercial Connectors with Customisable Location and I/O
  • 21.3” LCD with LED Backlight
  • Analogue Resistive Touch Screen
  • Fully Enclosed Unit (No Fans, Conduction Cooled)
  • Foldable, 101 Key Backlit Keyboard, with Glide pad and Selection Buttons
  • Customisable Unit Mounting Points

Argon can fully customise the product to your exact specifications and applications.

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