Small Rugged Keyboard ARK100

The ARK100 is a rugged keyboard with a tiny footprint. Customise your product to suit your application.

Select from a variety of indicators, buttons, pointing devices, connectors, I/O, mounting, backlighting and more.

The Argon ARK100 is a small rugged keyboard.

Firstly, the top assembly enclosure is manufactured form bent aluminium. It is attached to a solid milled aluminium plate that provides a solid base and resistant to torsional forces. Making it fully enclosed and resistant to penetrating materials ie. Sand, liquid, dust.

Secondly, there is a huge range of different mounting designs that can be applied. Starting from 19” Rackmount with Swivel Hinges, Top Console Mount, Embedded Console Mount, Stowable to even helicoil inserts on the bottom or sides (fixed or swivel mounts). If backlighting of the keys is required. That is no problem either and they are NVIS compatible.

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Main Features of the Small Rugged Keyboard ARK100 include:

  • Low Weight (approx. 1.27kg)
  • Rubber sealed
  • backlit keys (NVIS option)
  • Range of I/O to select from such as : USB, RS-232/422 or PS/2 Hinged or Fixed Mounting Options
  • Small Mechanical Outline Connection to Unit via Military or Pigtail Connectors
  • Pointing Device


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