RWS15 – 15″ Rugged Laptop Workstation

The RWS15 Rugged Workstation is a man-portable or rack-mountable computing workstation containing a 15″ high bright LCD with touch screen. It is designed and tested for use in military or harsh industrial environments.

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Rugged Laptop Workstation

Firstly, the Argon Model RWS15 is a Rugged Laptop Workstation. It is portable or rack-mountable. Containing a 15″ high bright LCD with touch screen. Ideal for military or harsh industrial environments.

Secondly, its rugged construction, powerful customisable computing configuration and extensive I/O options make the RWS15 a perfect candidate for a wide variety of mission applications. Furthermore, the RWS15 is designed to optimise a versatile set of end-user capabilities within an efficient size, weight, and power envelope.

Main Features

  • Small Mechanical Footprint
  • 15″ XGA Display
  • DVD Drive Incorporated into Display Section (Option)
  • Up to 5x Military Connectors/Commercial Connectors (withing Sealed Access Door)
  • Sunlight Readability (Option)
  • Rugged AR Touch Screen (Option)
  • Fully Enclosed Unit (No fans, convection cooled)
  • AC Power In
  • Removable Mass Storage accessible via Access Panel (Option)
  • 6th Gen Intel I7 Processor
  • 4-8GB DDR3 RAM
  • Variety of Hard Drive Implementations

The RWS15 is a COTS product. Furthermore, it is designed to meet all applicable MIL standards for environmental performance. So it leverages current commercial computing technologies to provide a path for long term availability and sustainability. As a result, the RWS15 provides an affordable, lightweight solution for your deployable workstation applications. For that reason, making it ideal for aircraft maintenance support, mobile command & control, or any other rugged computing application where you need configuration flexibility. Also, Argon will customise this Model to meet your requirements.

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