Vehicle Data Reader for cars

The CANCrocolite is a vehicle data reader for personal car / commercial vehicles.

It is a tool for Telematics / GPS Systems used for data reading from on-board CAN bus of cars and light commercial vehicles without interference of electronic circuits

The Wagencontrol CANCrocolite is a vehicle data reader for cars / commercial vehicles.

Firstly, it used within a Telematics system to obtain available data. Data such as fuel consumption, engine operation modes, status of sensors and gauges and any possible malfunctions.

Secondly, it can be installed on all types of personal cars, vans and light commercial vehicles equipped with CAN bus. It is compatible with all types of Telematics terminals that have a port for CAN bus connection.

The CrocoLITE output signal is received by a tracking device. Which collects, records, stores and transfers received signals to the vehicle tracking system server. This information is analysed by the installed software. It then compiles reports that contains information on fuel consumption, operating modes of engine, sensor status and troubleshooting of vehicle.

When used with MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces, the CANCrocoLITE becomes a ready made solution. By providing safe data integration from an automotive CAN bus into the S6 Telematics interface. Therefore, it allows monitoring of up to over 100 operation parameters of the vehicle via one CAN-port of telematics terminal.

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