Fuel Flow Meter

Fuel Flow meters are designed for fuel consumption measurement in vehicles and stationary machines.  Also used for monitoring machine operation hours in different engine working modes.  Plus monitoring of heating oil and other liquids with kinematic viscosity of 1.5-6mm²/S.

The fuel flow meter measures fuel consumption in vehicle tanks and stationary units.  Wagencontrol’s model is called DFM.  Firstly, it determines consumption measurement of diesel and heating oil.  It also operates with other liquid fuels and mineral oils with kinematic viscosity of 1.5 to 6mm²/s.   Secondly, the DFM is part of the tracking system, telematics system or as an autonomous solution for fuel consumption monitoring.

This product is intended for small to medium engines with an indirect injection fuel system.

Exciting features of this fuel flow meter includes:

  • Built on IoT Burger Technology and data is registered in digital counters in internal memory
  • Can be configured into Bluetooth with optional S6 BT Adaptor
  • Embedded Battery which ensures counters are registering data even if external power is turned off. Once power supply is back data is automatically sent to telematics unit
  • Signal cable resistant to breaks and weather changes
  • Tampering Counter which registers attempts of third party to tamper flow meter by generating artificial fuel consumption and will send alarm to telematics unit
  • Interference Counter protects DFM from magnetic field impact which aimed at stopping fuel consumption measurement.


Fuel Consumption and Operating Time Counters

Fuel Consumption

  • Instant Fuel Consumption
  • Hourly Fuel Consumption in “Forward” Line
  • Hourly Fuel Consumption in “Return” Line
  • Fuel Consumption in Litres, Idling, Optimal, Overload & Negative


Engine operating time

  • Total operating time, hours, idling, optimal, overload, negative
  • Supply chamber operating time
  • Return chamber total operating time
  • Operating time of Supply and Return chambers in each mode of engine operation



  • Engine operating time in “Tampering” mode, h
  • Engine operating time in “Interference” mode, h
  • Current engine operation mode as per fuel consumption rate
  • Fuel temperature
  • Temperature correction status
  • Correction coefficient value
  • Battery charge


DFM Types

Fuel Counter with LCD. Autonomous low cost solution for fuel consumption measurement

Fuel Flow meter with interface cable for sending information to telematics unit.

Output Signal and inbuilt LCD Display. Combination of Autonomous Fuel counter and online solution for fuel monitoring


Information on the Fuel Flow Meter Display

The DFM with display provides fuel consumption measurement without data transfer to a server.  This solution is ideal for small stationary units or small fleets operating within an enclosed area.

The information it displays on the screen includes:

  • Total Fuel Consumption
  • Engine Operation Time – Idle, Optimal, Overload
  • Fuel Consumption in Tampering Mode
  • Interference Time
  • Instant Fuel Consumption
  • Maximum Battery Charge displayed as a percentage
  • Temperature in the measuring chamber
  • Firmware Version


How reliable is the DFM?

Installed into the fuel line of the vehicle. It promptly detects fuel theft and vandalism.

  • Strong metal body of DFM ensures reliable protection from dust and dirt, as well as against attempts to disable the flowmeter.
  • Protection from influence of strong magnetic field. In the case of electromagnetic interference, the flow meter records duration of action to special “Interference” time Counter.
  • Tampering with air flow is useless! If fuel consumption rate is higher than usual, DFM registers the tampering time to special “Tampering” counter.
  • High battery life. DFM  fuel flowmeters can operate from the built-in battery for up to three years. When disconnected from on-board power network, DFM  still records data and saves it in its own memory.
  • Sealing of the flowmeter and fuel system elements. Not possible to intervene to places of flow meter installation without damaging the seals.


For model information and pricing, contact us.

Specifications of Fuel Flow Meter

Connecting ThreadM14 x 1.5
Nominal Pressure2 bar
MAX Pressure25 bar
Supply Voltage10-45 V
Over Voltage<100 V
Current Consumption ma (12V/24V)25/50 mA
Operating Temperature (without/with display)-40°+85°
Ingress Protection RatingIP54
Relative accuracy error per chamberNot more than 1%


ModelNominal BoreStart Up Flow Rate litres/hrMIN Flow Rate litres/hrMAX Flow Rate litres/hrRecalibration Interval litres
DFM 5060.5150100,000
DFM 10060.52100100,000
DFM 250825250250,000
DFM 50012510500500,000


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