Industrial Flow Meter DFM Industrial

The DFM Industrial Model is an Industrial Flow Meter.

It provides an accurate flow rate measurement of fuel and other liquids used in boats, fuel delivery from tanker trucks, in high power diesel generator sets and boilers, in petrochemical, utilities and other IIoT Industrial applications.

The Wagencontrol DFM Industrial Model in an Industrial Flow Meter.

Firstly, they are available in various models. The first is an autonomous counter with LCD only. Another is a flow meter with LCD and output interface cable to send data to recording devices, displays, tracking units and telematics units.

This product is mainly used as a part of ship monitoring and machinery operating track systems. However, it can be used for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Systems or as an autonomous solution for fuel/liquid consumption.

Secondly, there are 17 counters of fuel/liquid consumption and engine/pump operating time measured and shown on the LCD Display of the flow meter. Raw data is processed by embedded flow computer, which also allows the connection of 2 pieces for differential liquid consumption measurement. A built in battery provides autonomous fuel / liquid consumption measurement event if the external power supply is turned off.

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Other features of the Industrial Flow Meter DFM Industrial include:

  • Compliance with S6 technology eg. MasterCAN Display 35, CANUp or GPS Trackers/Telematics units
  • Inference Counters protecting from magnetic field impact aimed on stopping fuel consumption measurement
  • Also Tampering Counters registers attempts of third part to tamper flow meter data by generating artificial fuel/liquid consumption
  • Number of Interventions Counter keeps track of number of magnetic interference attempts
  • Contains Embedded flow computer, built in battery and LCD Display


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