Differential Fuel Flow Meter

Differential Fuel Flow meters are designed for diesel fuel consumption measurement in fuel lines of vehicles and stationary machines.  Also used for monitoring machine operation hours in different engine working modes.  Plus monitoring of heating oil and other liquids with kinematic viscosity of 1.5-6mm²/S

The differential fuel flow meter measures diesel fuel consumption in vehicle tanks and stationary units.  Called model DFM D.  Firstly, it determines consumption measurement of diesel fuel and heating oil.  It also operates with other liquid fuels and mineral oils with kinematic viscosity of 1.5 to 6mm²/s.   Secondly, the DFM D is part of the tracking system, telematics system or as an autonomous solution for diesel fuel consumption monitoring.

This product is for modern engines.  Such as common rail or pump injector fuel systems of vehicles and stationary units.

Exciting features of this fuel flow meter includes:

  • Contains two measuring chambers for supply and return fuel lines
  • Flow meter calculates the difference between the two lines
  • Result is recorded in the counter
  • Values on Counters are sent to Telematics Unit as digital messages (RS232, RS485 or CAN Output)
  • Internal Battery and sends data to on board monitoring once power is restored
  • Signal cable resistant to breaks and weather changes
  • Replaceable Mud Filter installed in the inlet of the DFM D


Fuel Consumption and Operating Time Counters

Fuel Consumption

  • Instant Fuel Consumption
  • “Forward” Line hourly fuel consumption
  • Hourly Fuel Consumption in “Return” Line
  • Total Fuel Consumption in Litres, Idling, Optimal Mode, Overload Mode, Negative Mode


Engine operating time

  • Total operating time, hours, idling, optimal, overload, negative engine operation mode
  • Supply Chamber total operating time
  • Total operating time of Return chamber
  • Operating time of Supply and Return chambers in each mode of engine operation



  • Engine operating time in “Tampering” mode, h
  • Engine operating time in “Interference” mode, h
  • Current engine operation mode as per fuel consumption rate
  • Fuel temperature
  • Temperature correction status
  • Correction coefficient value
  • Battery charge



DFM D Types

DFM CD Differential (two chamber) fuel counter

 Differential Fuel Flow Meter with output signal cable DFM D


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Connecting ThreadM14 x 1.5
Nominal Pressure2 bar
MAX Pressure25 bar
Supply Voltage10-45 V
Over Voltage<100 V
Current Consumption ma (12V/24V)25/50 mA
Operating Temperature (without/with display)-40°+85°
Ingress Protection RatingIP54
Relative accuracy error per chamberNot more than 1%


DFM modifications

Following DFM types are available:

  • fuel flow meters with display, one-chamber or differential);
  • fuel flow meters without display, one-chamber or differential).
ModelChambers Volume mLMin Flow Rate in each chamber, litres/hrMax Flow Rate in each chamber, litres/hr
DFM 100510100
DFM 2501250250
DFM 50020100500


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