Vehicle Injector Pulse Reader

The NozzleCrocodile is a contactless vehicle injector pulse reader. It reads control pulses from wires of engine injector (nozzle) and converts them into normal pulses which are sent to the data processing unit such as vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems.

It provides fuel consumption monitoring information of personal cars and small commercial vehicles.

The Wagencontrol NozzleCrocodile is a contactless Vehicle Injector Pulse Reader.

Firstly, the NozzleCrocodile reads signals through wire insulation. It does not damage wires nor does it have any influence on signals in control wires.

This product is ready to operate without any pre-setting. It is a ready to use pulse counter. Requires no pre configuration, service kits and no service software. It contains a universal pulse output. This means it can be connected to almost any telematics or GPS unit or display equipped with a pulse counter input.

This product is ideal for providing the fuel consumption of personal cars and small commercial vehicles.

Contact us to check the compatibility of the unit with GPS / Telematic Systems.

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