Wireless Fuel and Oil Flow Meter DFM S7

The DFM S7 Model is a Wireless Fuel and Oil Flow Meter. It features wireless data transfer over BLE of fuel consumption and vehicle operation time.

Information can be sent simultaneously to several devices for telematics and remote machinery monitoring purposes. As well as to GPS Trackers, Smart Phones and Tablets using blue tooth for autonomous fuel monitoring.

The Wagencontrol DFM S7 and DFM D S7 Models are a wireless fuel and oil flow meter.

Firstly, they measure direct fuel consumption and monitor flow of liquids with 1.5 to 6mm²/s kinematic viscosity. Also used to record engine operating time and fuel/liquid flow time.

Secondly, the DFM S7 are used in GPS/GLONASS Vehicle Tracking (or vehicle telematics), online monitoring systems of stationary engines, boilers/heaters and as a standalone fuel consumption monitoring solution.

Thirdly, the flow meters are based on S7 Technology.  Ensuring wireless data transfer via Bluetooth 4.X to several devices using BLE radio.

Therefore, data is sent simultaneously to telematics units and GPS trackers, Bluetooth displays, smartphones and tablets.

Single Chamber Models – DFM 50S7, DFM 100S7, DFM 250S7, DFM 500S7

Firstly, in these models fuel consumption measurement is in the fuel feed line of the engine. It can work either autonomously or part of a GPS System. It is designed for fuel consumption control of road off road and railway vehicles, boats, diesel generators and stationary machinery with Euro-4 engines and lower which have a 1 to 500 L/h flow rate.

Differential Models – DFM 100DS7, DFM 250DS7, DFM 500DS7

These models measure fuel consumption as well as the difference in flow rates in feed and return lines of fuel systems. Differential consumption measurement from 10 to 600 L/h. They are designed for road, off road and railway vehicles, boats, stationary machinery with modern diesel engines (common rail or pump injector fuel systems).

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Other features of the Wireless Fuel and Oil Flow Meter DFM S7 include:

  • Operates in BLE Radio mode
  • Data sent to sever receivers at the same time
  • Built in Battery


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