Wireless Axle load pressure sensor GNOM DP S7

The GNOM DP S7 is a wireless position sensor used in transport telematics, GPS/GLONASS Vehicle Monitoring Systems to monitor axle loads, determine the axle loads in vehicles with leaf spring suspension and prevent exceeding axle loads.

The Wagencontrol GNOM DP S7 is a wireless axle load pressure sensor.

Firstly, this sensor provides information on load control and cargo weight control in vehicle tracking systems. It also monitors the place and time of loading and/or unloading of the vehicle.

Secondly, the GNOM DP S7 determines the vertical moving of the carriage frame. This is relative to the axis of the vehicle when placing cargo in the body of vehicle or in a canvas cover. The sensor is installed on the rear axle or rear bogie of vehicle. Wireless data transfer is via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It enables the monitoring of the axle load with the assistance of an online vehicle monitoring system. It can provide this information to driver on-board via smartphone, tablet or driver’s cab display using Bluetooth 4.X.

Features of the Wireless Axle load pressure sensor GNOM DP S7 include:

  • Inbuilt battery, power supply from battery
  • Wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE (Bluetooth) Channel
  • Operation in “advertising” mode with no need to interlink with receiver
  • Readings are sent to several receivers simultaneously
  • Data transfer to smartphone or tablet
  • No cables – for quick easy installation, resistance to vandalism or accidental damage.


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