Wireless Axle load sensor GNOM DDE S7

The GNOM DDE S7 is a wireless position sensor used in transport telematics, GPS/GLONASS Vehicle Monitoring Systems to monitor axle loads, determine the axle loads in vehicles with air suspension and prevent exceeding axle loads.

The Wagencontrol GNOM DDE S7 is a wireless axle load sensor for vehicles with air suspension.

Firstly, this sensor is mounted in the air supply line or the vehicle air suspension cushion. It measures pressure of compressed air in the air suspension circuit. This value is changes depending on the loading of the vehicle. The more cargo in the vehicle body, the more the axle load is and the higher the pressure in the vehicle pneumatic system.

Secondly, the GNOM DDE S7 is used for monitoring the vehicle axle load within the transport Telematics, GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems. It is also used for independent operation. The Axle load sensor operates in BLE-radio mode. This enables data to be sent to several devices simultaneously. It also allows the driver to monitor axle load and prevent overweight during loading and unloading works.

Features of the Wireless Axle load sensor GNOM DDE S7 include:

  • Fast & Easy integration to vehicle monitoring system
  • Wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE (Bluetooth) Channel
  • Power supply from battery up to 5 years
  • Data transfer to smartphone and GPS tracker simultaneously
  • No cables – for quick easy installation, resistance to vandalism or accidental damage.
  • Explosion & fire safe without additional intrinsic safety barrier
  • Self Diagnosis function for operation quality monitoring.



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