Fuel Level Sensor with inbuilt GPS

Model DUT-E GSM allows fuel tank volume measurement and real time satellite positioning tracking over GPS and GLONASS.  Data is transmitted to the Internet via GSM Mobile Network.

This product is the perfect out of the box hardware solution for fuel monitoring and vehicle location tracking.

The fuel level sensor with inbuilt GPS in one unit is the model DUT-E GSM.  Firstly, it has provides fuel level measurement.  However, it also enables the GPS positioning of trucks and other road or off road vehicles. Secondly, the DUT-E GSM is installed quicker than regular telematics systems as only one device is installed.

Data on fuel levels, GPS Co-ordinates are sent online to telematics server.  Or directly to the user by e-mail or SMS over GSM Network.  This makes it an ideal solution for fuel related IoT projects such as smart building or smart factory.

Exciting features of the fuel level sensor with inbuilt GPS includes:

  • Built on IoT Burger Technology, with built in GPS Receiver and GSM Modem
  • Configured into Bluetooth with optional S6 BT Adaptor
  • SIM Card easily installed
  • Signal cable resistant to breaks and weather changes
  • Extend Measuring Tubes with Additional Sections
  • Contains a screen filter to separate the sensor from mud and water
  • Adjust settings at installation or remotely over the internet
  • There are over 20 ready to use analytical reports available which can be generated automatically
  • Reports sent via SMS or by e-mail
  • Location Monitoring determines the location, speed, direction through GNSS Signals and data transferred to Server through 3G signals.


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Specifications on the DUT-E GSM


Operating PrincipleCapacitive
Measurement inaccuracy0.2% Stationary Fuel Tanks & Vehicles
1% Moving Vehicles
Maximum allowed of trimming probeto any length*
Maximum extended length6000 mm
Data transfer protocol to serverWialon IPS v2.0
Availability time after power upNo more than 10 seconds
Reports stored in buffer memoryNot less than 50,000
Average Current Consumption at Supply Voltage 12/24VNot more than 75/35
Maximal Current Consumption Supply at Supply Voltage 12/24Not more than 100/50
Power Supply Voltage RangeFrom 10 to 45 Volts


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