Service Adaptors S6

The S6 Service Adaptors are designed for adjustment, data exchange, counters, checkout and diagnostics of DUT-E fuel level sensors, DFM fuel flow meters and other Wagencontrol products by use of cables or wireless methods.

The JV S6 Service Adaptors is a power supply from an on-board network where no additional power supplies are required. They are universal for connecting any S6 Compatible device and can be configured from any point of the network.

Firstly, they are used for configuration, viewing counters, diagnostics and data transfer on fuel level sensors and flowmeters and other Wagencontrol products.

The S6 BT Service adaptor is used for wireless device connection to Android based smart phone or Bluetooth on a tablet. Enables configuration of One chamber and differential DFM fuel flow meters (produced after 1/1/2016); DFM Marine fuel flow meters; DUT-E CAN fuel flow sensors; DUT-E GSM fuel level sensor with inbuild GPS/GSM modules and even DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensors for biodiesel.

Whereas, the S6 SK Service adaptor is used for connecting telematics equipment to PC. It enables the configuration of the above mentioned S6 BT items.  As well as MasterCAN DAC J1939 I/O Modules and CANUp online telematics gateway.

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