Fuel Level Sensors

Fuel Level Sensors provide accurate fuel level and volume measurement information of fuels in tanks via GPS and vehicle telematics systems.  They can be used as an additional fuel sensor or as a replacement of a factory built in fuel level sensor.  Also available in wireless and differential fuel sources such as biodiesel models.

Ideal for a range of applications such as: revealing misuse and fuel theft from tanks, general overview of fuel usage in vehicles or stationary units.


Our portfolio of Fuel Level Sensor products consists of:

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Fuel Level SensorsFuel Level Sensors with GPS and transfer data wirelesslyfor different types of fuels model such as BioDiesel

Fuel Level Sensors – Additional Unit or Replacement for Built in Models .

Model: DUT-E

GPS and GSM Fuel Level Sensors – Built in GPS and wireless transfer of data via GSM.

Model: DUT-E GSM

Differential Model – Designed for different fuel types such as BioDiesel

Model: DUT-E 2Bio

Wireless and Bluetooth version

Bluetooth Wireless Model – Wireless Connectivity via Bluetooth for easier set up transfer of data to several devices.

Model: DUT-E S7


About WagenControl

Established in 2000, WagenControl based in Prague offer comprehensive solutions for remote monitoring of trucks, trains, boats, diesel generators, fuel storage and tanks.  They monitor most major parameters such as fuel consumption, time, engine operation mode, volume and temperature of fuel plus operation of attached equipment such as axel load using Safe CANbus data analysis and reading.

Metromatics distribute their product range in Australia.


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