Vehicle Data via CANbus J1939

The CANCrocodile is a contactless CAN J1939 bus reader. It provides data from the vehicle CANbus.

The reader is used within vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems. It receives information from the CANbus such as speed, RPM, oil, pressure, temperature, fuel volume and consumption.

The Wagencontrol CANCrocodile is a contactless Vehicle Data reader via CANbus J1939.

Firstly, data reading occurs without an electrical connection. The CANCrocodile works in listen mode only. Therefore, it does not damage CAN Wires nor does it change the original J1939 message and it doesn’t send signals to the CANbus.

Data reading occurs in a contactless way. The CANCrocodile detects the magnetic field around CAN-High and CAN-Low Wires. The design of the product provides perpendicular fixing of the wires to the reading surface. So the fixing doesn’t prevent the CAN bus wires from slipping off the CANCrocodile reading surface.

LED indicators provide notifications. The red indicator says power is on. A blinking green indicator says messages in receipt from the CAN bus. Indicators notify the operability of the reader without dismantling and connecting to the monitoring terminal.

Secondly, installation is an easy process. Simply by opening the CANCrocodile housing. Placement of CAN-High and CAN-Low wires in the relative grooves. Then closing the Crocodile housing engaging the latch. Sealing Rope through the holes and sealing the housing is recommended.

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