Vehicle Data Reader for Buses

The FMSCrocodile is a vehicle data reader for buses. It is a tool for Telematics / GPS Systems used for data reading from one or more buses into CAN/S6 Telematics Interface.

It obtains a large range of vehicle operating parameters via one CAN-port of telematics unit.

The Wagencontrol FMSCrocodile is a vehicle data reader for buses.

Firstly, the FMS Crocodile safely reads CAN bus data without electrical contact with CAN wires. It automatically generates and sends FMS and Telematics messages to it output CAN 2.0B interface which is J1939 protocol.

Secondly, the telematics unit configuration is simplified. This because unnecessary data from the bus is filtered and only useful information for vehicle telematics purposes is sent.

Tasks of the FMSCrocodile Vehicle Data Reader for Buses

  • Sending FMS and Telematic messages from CANbus to telematics/GPS bus
  • Sending FMS messages from two standard CAN buses to a single CAN port of telematics unit
  • Protecting CAN bus from active requests sent by telematics unit
  • Fuel consumption counter based on standard CANbus instant fuel rate data


Finally, the FMSCrocodile’s contactless way of connection to wires protects CANbus from signal reversal. The CANbus is protected from intentional or accidental active request of telematics unit.

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