Digital to Analog Converter for Vehicle Systems

The MasterCAN DAC15 is a smart tool for GPS/GLONASS Vehicle monitoring systems, where analog on board equipment is used along with digital CAN/S6 Equipment.

It is used for converting Digital data of automotive CAN/S6 interfaces to analog input of telematics terminals or dashboards. Also analog output signals of automotive sensors to CAN/S6 ports of telematics terminals.

The Wagencontrol MasterCAN DAC15 is a Digital to Analog Converter for Vehicle Systems.

Firstly, this product converts digital automotive data provided by CANbus (SAE J1939) to various types of analog signals. Signals such as voltage, frequency, pulse, current, discrete and resistive. It also transfers these signals further using data logging devices which have corresponding analog inputs.

Secondly, the MasterCAN DAC15 can be combined with the CANCrocodile contactless reader. This provides an out of the box solution for integration of vehicle CAN bus essential data into vehicle telematics system through analog inputs of the tracking device.

Used with the DUT-E CAN fuel level sensor. Providing a ready solution for accurate fuel volume measurement in a vehicle’s fuel tank and volume indication on standard vehicle’s dashboard. As well as converting the GNOM axle load sensors analog signals to CAN/S6 Telematics interface data.

Features of the Digital to Analog Converter for Vehicle Systems include:

  • Compliance with units, database and cabling system of S6 Technology
  • Conforms with European automotive standards
  • IoT Burger Technology provides internal data processing for easier server operation
  • Increases quantity of vehicle parameters monitored through CAN J1939/S6 by converting output signals from analog sensors to telematics interface
  • Connects safely to standard on board CANbus through CANCrocodile contactless reader
  • Integrates converted data of CAN 1939/S6 Automotive bus to telematics system when terminal equipped by analog inputs is used
  • Ensured compatibility with majority of telematics terminals and dashboards through possibility of output signal setting and adjustment
  • Does not require external power sources



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