CANbus Analyser-Simulator

The MasterCAN tool is a CAN bus (SAE J1939) simulator-analyser. It is a hardware & software analytical tool.

Used by developers for creating, debugging and testing the equipment and software designed to be integrated in CAN bus.

The Wagencontrol MasterCAN Tool is a CANbus Analyser-Simulator used by developers of products designed to be integrated into CAN bus.

Firstly, it is an analytical tool based on CAN SAE J1939. So ideal for engineers developing vehicle electronic units, telematics systems and onboard equipment such as fuel sensors, trackers and gateways. The tool provides data monitoring, analysis and PGN message emulation and modelling.

Secondly, the main tasks solved by the MasterCAN tool include:

  • Design, configuration and testing of CANbus telematics equipment (SAE J1939 standard for data exchange)
  • CAN message analysis, automatic parsing and storing data logs when connected to standard vehicle CANbus
  • Reading and identification of electronic control units (ECUs) malfunctions (DTC)
  • Monitoring operational status of equipment using S6 Technology


Advantages of the CANbus Analyser-Simulator include:

  • Parsing and displaying PGNs and SPN names and measurement units as text
  • Displaying current values of parameters (SPN) in decimal and HEX formats
  • Recording values of parameters to a file (logging)
  • Emulation of individual PGN with SPN that can be edited or creation of PGN groups and their transmission to CANbus
  • Allows selection between 11/29 bit length identifiers during CAN message emulation
  • As well as configurable send/receive data baud rate – 100/125/250/500/1000 kbit/s
  • Simple, easy and safe connection to CAN bus with CANCrocodile contactless reader
  • Option to enable the terminal resistor of CAN bus using software
  • CAN bus load indicator
  • Power supply from USB of PC or vehicle’s onboard electrical network



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