CANbus Analyser-Simulator

The MasterCAN Tool diagnoses and monitors CAN bus networks. It can read, analyse, and record data from various CAN bus systems, including J1939, FMS, and ISO 15765-4 protocols.

Key features include:

  • Data Reading: Easily access data from different CAN bus networks.
  • Data Analysis: Analyse the data to identify issues and optimise performance.
  • Data Recording: Record data for further analysis and reporting.

Ideal for fleet management, vehicle diagnostics, and industrial automation, the MasterCAN Tool provides accurate and reliable data, helping you maintain and improve your systems efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and robust design, it is an essential tool for professionals in the field.

The MasterCAN Tool is a powerful CANbus Analyser-simulator.  Designed specifically for developers working on products intended for integration into automotive CAN bus systems. This tool is essential for engineers developing vehicle electronic units, telematics systems, and onboard equipment such as fuel sensors, trackers, and gateways.

Key Features and Applications

  1. Analytical Tool Based on CAN SAE J1939:
    • Ideal for engineers working on vehicle electronics and telematics.
    • Provides data monitoring, analysis, and PGN message emulation and modelling.
  2. Main Functions:
    • Design, Configuration, and Testing: Helps in the design, configuration, and testing of CAN bus telematics equipment following the SAE J1939 standard for data exchange.
    • CAN Message Analysis: Analyses CAN messages, automatically parses them, and stores data logs when connected to a standard vehicle CAN bus.
    • ECU Diagnostics: Reads and identifies electronic control unit (ECU) malfunctions through Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
    • Operational Monitoring: Monitors the operational status of equipment using S6 Technology.

Advantages of the MasterCAN Tool

  • PGN and SPN Parsing: Parses and displays Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) and Suspect Parameter Numbers (SPNs) with names and measurement units as text.
  • Parameter Display: Shows current parameter values in both decimal and HEX formats.
  • Data Logging: Records parameter values to a file for logging purposes.
  • PGN Emulation: Emulates individual PGNs with editable SPNs or creates groups of PGNs for transmission to the CAN bus.
  • Identifier Selection: Allows selection between 11-bit and 29-bit length identifiers during CAN message emulation.
  • Configurable Baud Rate: Offers configurable send/receive data baud rates – 100/125/250/500/1000 kbit/s.
  • Easy Connection: Ensures a simple, easy, and safe connection to the CAN bus with the CANCrocodile contactless reader.
  • Terminal Resistor Option: Provides an option to enable the terminal resistor of the CAN bus using software.
  • CAN Bus Load Indicator: Includes an indicator for CAN bus load.
  • Power Supply Options: Can be powered via USB from a PC or the vehicle’s onboard electrical network.

Technical Highlights

  • Automotive CAN Bus Integration: Perfect for applications involving automotive CAN bus systems.
  • Higher Layer Protocols Support: Supports higher layer protocols for enhanced functionality.
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check: Ensures data integrity with cyclic redundancy check mechanisms.
  • Connected Vehicles: Facilitates the development of systems for connected vehicles.
  • Source Code and Bus Communication: Useful for projects requiring source code development and bus communication.
  • Bus Data and Data Frames: Efficiently handles bus data and data frames.
  • Fault Tolerant: Designed to be fault-tolerant, ensuring reliable data transmission.
  • International Standard Compliance: Adheres to international standards for CAN bus communication systems.

The MasterCAN Tool is a comprehensive solution for engineers and developers working on automotive applications, ensuring high-performance data transmission and fault-tolerant bus communication systems. For more information, contact us.



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