Accurate Fuel Level Sensor

Model DUT-E allows users to determine current volume and change in volume (refueling or draining) in a fuel tank.  It can be used in GPS Tracking or Vehicle Telematics Systems as an additional fuel sensor or replacement.

It gives a general overview of fuel usage by vehicle or stationary unit.

The DUT-E accurate fuel level sensor is perfect for vehicle tanks and stationary units.  It accurately and precisely measures and also monitors the fuels levels in tanks.  It also provides real time data about the amount of fuel present. As a result, businesses can accurately manage fuel resources.  Additionally, it can also function as an additional fuel sensor or as a replacement of a built in factory level sensor.  As a result, it’s great for GPS tracking and also vehicle telematics systems.


In addition to the features listed above, accurate fuel level sensors can bring numerous benefits to businesses. In fact, some key advantages include improved fuel management, enhanced operational efficiency and fuel theft and shortage prevention.

Accurate Fuel Level Sensor Features:

  • Built on IoT Burger Technology and processes on board data before sending only relevant information to Telematics System
  • Configures to Bluetooth
  • Optional S6 BT adaptor also available
  • Signal cable also resistant to breaks and weather changes
  • Measuring Tubes extended with additional sections
  • Contains a screen filter to separate the sensor from mud and water
  • The S6 interface also enables the connection of extra parts to the Telematics Interface.  Thus making it easy to measure complex units or stationary items as a result.



Installation of Fuel Level Sensor

The DUT-E Accurate Fuel Level Sensor also contains a standard 5 bolt flange.  This sensor installs where the standard fuel sensor is situated.  Alternatively, it can also install in a separate compartment within the fuel tank.  Information and sealing of the DUT-E sensor are also readily available in the mounting kit. After installation, a tank calibration should also be performed.  A calibration table is in the process.  Finally, the sensor’s output signals also correspond to correct fuel levels in the tank.


Specifications on the DUT-E


Operating PrincipleCapacitive
Measurement inaccuracy0.2% Stationary Fuel Tanks & Vehicles
1% Moving Vehicles
Supply Voltage10-50V
Over Voltage ProtectionUp to 100 V
Operating Temperature-40° to +85°C
Relative Measuring Error (to the length of the measuring part)+/- 1%
Output Signal• digital, CAN j1939/S6
• digital, RS 232 (DUT-E COM protocol)
• digital RS 485 (DUT-E COM protocol)
• analog-frequency output 1-9 V / 500-1500 Hz;
* – other output are also available on request
Standard Length mm350, 700, 1000


Models available of Accurate Fuel Level Sensor


Fuel Level Sensor Models Available

For Example:

CAN 2.0B Interface with 1000mm Measuring Probe = DUT-E CAN L=1000mm

Output Voltage from 1.5 – 9.0 V, 700mm Measuring Probe = DUT-E A10 L=700

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